Love What You Do!

Let Julie Ankers help you navigate the world of work in the 21st century as she and her guest discuss what steps they took to discover what it is they love doing the most, which makes work a pleasure rather than a chore.

Love What You Do is YOUR guide to the world of work. Need to know how to find that job or career to make you feel inspired and motivated! Tune in every Tuesday at midday to Radio Blue. Mountains 89.1 to hear interviews with experts, receive job advice, gain Insight into workplace trends, be informed on your rights as an employee, plus there are practical tips for the entrepreneur and small business person. We cover how to successfully land that job or launch that career and learn to Love What You Do every Tuesday from midday till 2pm on RBM 89.1

Radio Blue Mounatins presenter Julie Ankers admits her program Love What You Do is labour intensive but wouldn't have it any other way. She believes that to have major impact on the Blue Mountains job market her program needs several hours of weekly research on job market trends and availability, current information on training and career development and interviews with employers and employees about why they love what they do.

"Too many people have jobs that they are not suited to and dislike. Our aim is to educate job seekers about what suits their talents, skills and personality so they can identify a position and hopefully career that makes getting up in the morning, worthwhile."

She added that life was too short to not enjoy what you will spend most of your life doing but admitted that many people find work just to pay the bills. Lack of work choice in the Blue Mountains was also an obstacle.

"It isn't easy to always find what you're good at and lack of career choice doesn't help but Love What You Do encourages and motivates listeners to widen the search by offering the  "why and how to". We are expected to work much longer and need to think in terms of "life-long learning". It's important our listeners explore and identify careers, gain required skills and knowledge to work in areas where they love what they do.

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