Mountain Insights

Mountain Insights is a weekly two-hour news magazine program that covers political life as well as a wide range of serious and humorous topics and interviews that affect everyone in the mountains. 

Mountain Insights on Radio Blue Mountains is rapidly increasing in popularity because of its wide ranging topics that affect everyone in the Blue Mountains.

Headed by veteran journalist Peter Walker with co-presenter Billieanne Flakedar, the program, on Saturdays from 12 to 2 pm, covers everything from politics – local State and Federal – to health, education and the environment. It has special monthly segments on food and wine in the mountains with local food identity Pam Seaborn and health with wellbeing expert Sallyanne Pisk, author of Eating for You.

The program ends every week with the popular segment “Useless Information you need never have known” which always attracts lots of comments from listeners. “The use of that segment at the end of the show is something we really enjoy doing because it leaves everyone laughing and at the same time answers questions about the origin of sayings that satisfies people’s curiosity”, says Peter Walker.

“The program also has interviews with local identities about a wide range of topics that we feel will interest people living in the mountains. After all, we live here and if it interests us, it’s bound to interest our listeners too”, he said.

A key to the program’s success is the extensive use the presenters make of a wide ranging number of reputable websites. “People are busy and don’t often have time to scour the internet to chase up topics that interest them, so we set out to do that for them each week”, Walker said.

“We put in a lot of time each week preparing the program to ensure it has items that stimulate our thinking, satisfies our curiosity and provides a smile”, he said. “That objective is attracting more and more listeners so we must be doing something right.”