Take the Plunge, Become a Presenter!


If you're hanging out in the Blue Mountains over the holidays, don't get bored! Take the plunge! We’re looking for music lovers and program-makers to join Radio Blue Mountains 89.1 on-air team. If you want to spend your summer break learning to make radio with us, get in touch now. You know you want to, otherwise you wouldn't be reading this would you?!

You can become a Presenter by downloading our Membership and Program Application forms and returning these to us by email, or you can fill these out on the website under 'Woohoo, So You Want to Get Involved!” which you'll find under Hi 5!

Training is generally done on evenings and weekends. Classes are around half a dozen. Book into training that will cover core and basic elements of: Presentation • Legal • Producing • Observation • Practical hands on


Introduction: Applicants will be invited to attend a group introduction at Radio Blue Mountains in December (date to be announced).

Training: sessions will be set after we've had a chat on the best dates and times suitable to the participants. 
You must attend all sessions. You’ll get a crash course in media law, writing for radio and the web, studio panelling and more.

Audition: After the training course and some practise on the equipment in your time, you'll be asked to undergo a 20min Presenter Audition that shows your confident with the broadcast gear. When you pass the Audition you'll be listed for a Certificate to Broadcast.

Program Application: People get regular shows on Radio Blue Mountains by doing this course. However, you might be more interested in doing your own regular programme and for this you'll need to submit your Program Application Form, then present  of the program.

Demo: a 20min example of the program and content will demonstrate what your program will be like. This includes what kind of guests you might have in and an interview if you like and of course the type of music. The interview can be pre-recorded and played in the Demo. If you're not planning any interviews that's okay, if you just plan just to broadcast a music program we'll want to know examples of the music. If you plan broadcast anytjing, music or otherwise, that might be considered risky or has content not suitable for young people (language included), then we will need to know so that we can consider scheduling the program in an appropriate time slot.

After the program is approved you'll be provided for a Programme Certificate. This means your programme has the approval of the Management Committee.

Radio Blue Mountains has a great volunteer culture and you’ll get valuable media experience, access to new releases before anyone else does and the opportunity to add some really good experience to your resume!