Lloyd Swanton’s Ambon project

Lloyd Swanton’s Uncle Stuart served in the doomed Gull Force on the island of Ambon during WWII, sent there to defend the “Dutch East Indies” from the Japanese invasion. His uncle died in the shocking Japanese POW camp on the island the day before war ended. Tracing through a secret diary written in code by Uncle Stuart during his imprisonment Lloyd has taken many of the accounts and created a celebration and remembrance of the uncle he never met. It’s called Ambon Suite. Lloyd Swanton bass, Chuck Morgan ukelele and Jon Pease electric guitar came in for a preview before the work’s performance on Saturday 6th June in Springwood in the NSW Blue Mountains. The complete band line-up is:

Lloyd Swanton, bass
Paul Cutlan bass clarinet, saxophones, recorder
James Eccles viola
Sandy Evans tenor and soprano saxophones
James Greening trombone, cornet, pocket trumpet, tuba
Fabian Hevia cajon, percussion
Chuck Morgan ukulele
Jon Pease guitar
Ron Reeves kendang, percussion
Michel Rose pedal steel guitar
Alex Silver trombone
Hamish Stuart drums