FUNKY PUNKY PARTY: DRESS UP THEME: Disco Funk Punks This latest event from Retro Rehash has a theme centered around Punk/Disco/Funk culture.You will feel like you have stepped into another world where the opposing genres of Punk and Funk live in harmony. Where people are strutting and pogoing on the same dance floor. The Roxy […]

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January 26, 2018

ARTHouseĀ is a vibrant radio arts program showcasing Blue Mountains (Australia) based creative talent. ArtHouse is aired on Radio Blue Mountains and features hosted sessions on such diverse art forms as dance, costume, and crime fiction through to visual arts, textiles, photography, music, poetry and more. Each week a panel will discuss various themes such as […]

Gaia Scarf performing “Otherside” live on Retro Rehash Video by Aidan JG Photography and Patographics

The ever oppessable Willem Hendriksen AKA Retro Rehash is putting on a very special RBM event.  


Radio Blue Mountains 89.1FM

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