About RBM89.1FM

RBM89.1FM Mission Statement

“To provide entertainment and information to the community and to support and interact with businesses, charities and  non-profit organisations as well as social and creative groups in the Greater Blue Mountains Region with a view to protecting and preserving our culture and environment for past and future owners.”

Radio Blue Mountains 89.1 is a not-for-profit, all volunteer community radio station serving the Blue Mountains since 1993. The station is located in Katoomba, NSW and is funded through listener support, grants and sponsorship and run by a dedicated management committee. We broadcast 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to a potential audience of 75,000 across the Blue Mountains and to a wider national/international audience via our streaming service. Radio Blue Mountains is part of the Community Broadcasting Association of Australia (CBAA), which provides a wide range of programming when local presenters are unavailable to broadcast from our studio.


With feature programs for the disabled, hobbyists interested in food or gardening, local creatives including musicians, artists, thespians, photographers, filmmakers and writers. The station’s diverse programming suits the Blue Mountains community admirably. Radio Blue Mountains presenters interview people of interest in-studio and out and about during the occasional live outside broadcasts. We cover a wide range of music styles from jazz, country, rock, dance, blues and classical as well as coverage of local bands, festivals and other musical and cultural events events such as Winter Magic Festival, where we had a very successful Outside Broadcast for 2019.

Community Involvement

Radio Blue Mountains 89.1 works closely with all sections of the Blue Mountains community including the Blue Mountains City Council. We encourage local musicians and have a regular gig guide on Thursdays at 7pm after ARTHouse (Blue Mountains Live) and highlights social and cultural activity in the Upper Blue Mountains through on-air interviews along with its daily promotion of community events through its Community Notice Board segments. Recent sponsorship and partnering with THE CARRINGTON HOTEL, THEO POULOS REAL ESTATE and STEPS TO GREATNESS has raised the profile of the station across the community.



OR VISIT https://radioau.net/blue-mountains/

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