A two day solo retreat to help you recharge and reconnect with yourself.

Rejuvenate in a Blue Mountains bushland setting

Experience counselling around and relationships self love

Enjoy activities that engage your body, mind and spirit

Receive tarot readings, energy treatments and other modalities of healing

Our self care retreats are designed for people who are after either a

Singles Retreat

a) desiring to be in a relationship and realise that the best way to attract a high functioning partnership is to work on your

self-development or a

Self Care Retreat

b) looking to improve their level of self-love

Before we can realise our potential we have to know and love ourselves, including our shadow elements.

Too often the education we receive, our family heritage and the messages of the overculture make us feel we are inadequate or wrong for feeling the way we do and holding the values dear to us.

Self Care Weekend Retreat

Date: Sat 29 June 2024 - Sun 30 June 2024

Website: https://adifferentdrummer.com.au/wellness-centre/self-love-retreat

Email: [email protected]

7 Seventh Avenue Katoomba

Phone: 0402959946