The Koalas (2024, 91mins)
Dir Prod : Film Projects
Glenbrook Cinema

7.30pm Tuesday 2nd July +QnA
3.15pm Wednesday July 3
Glenbrook Cinema
2 Ross Street, Glenbrook, NSW

Tuesday 2nd July Q&A Speakers include Dr Ben Moore Uni of Western Sydney

The Koalas is a movie about Survival.

The Koala is being pushed to the brink by habitat loss, urban development, logging & other factors.

Can it survive?

Wildlife carers observe an increase in sick and injured koalas coming into care.

A government enquiry finds that the Koala could be extinct in the wild by 2050.

The Koalas follows the fate of individual koalas that have survived so far , but whose future is uncertain.

Weaving stories with compelling characters – wildlife carers, scientists and ecologists in the field, The Koalas questions whether Australia can save an iconic threatened species like the Koala.

If not, what does it say about us?

“You’ll be charmed. You’ll be dismayed. And then I bet you’ll be as angry as hell at what’s being done to koalas in your name and in your own lifetime.But I hope you’ll act on that rage and be a part of the change that desperately needs to happen. ” Tim Winton

“here’s a magnificent movie which charts the life of koalas, even as the human threat to them grows.

..there’s only one thing that’s going to save the day here, and that’s our action
and action comes out of brilliant movies like The Koalas.

Have a look. Get your friends to see it.
Send a copy to your politician and ask them for action.
Because we and the koalas depend on us taking action. “
Bob Brown

Date: Tue 2 July 2024 - Wed 3 July 2024


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2 Ross Street, Glenbrook, NSW 2773

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