It could be argued that the path of the feminine helps us enlarge our existence to incorporate that of higher purpose, the poetic, the path of the heart, exploration of the soul and a mythic orientation.

One of the great tragedies of a patriarchal culture dominating for so long is that the feminine approach has been devalued and overlooked.

Our Maiden to Mother Retreat provides an initiation into healthy adulthood in order to prepare for our golden years, that of eldership or cronehood. It is designed for those aged 19-40.

In addition to this program, we offer a number of retreats designed to help you navigate each developmental phase leading up to elderhood.

Take a look at our webpage to learn more about this program as well as our women’s wellness retreats and women’s healing retreats.

*Our midweek female retreats saves $50 off weekend programs

Date: Sat 20 July 2024 - Sun 21 July 2024


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