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ADDRESS:               Block A 25A-27 Parke St, Katoomba @ Blue Mountains College TAFE WSi Campus

                                    Opposite Carrington Cellars, at the rear of Carrington Hotel

NOTE: Radio Blue Mountains is now a high security access zone. With the exception of the public front pedestrian entry, side car park entry and the bathrooms all doors are now require FOB access, which presenters are issued with. All remaining doors are permanently locked from the outside, but remain unlocked from the inside for OH&S compliance. However you will still be able to access the waiting areas for the broadcast studio and Radio Blue Mountains admin foyer without a security FOB.

25A-27 PARKE St: coming from the famously often congested Bathurst / Parke Street roundabout near the train station, go to the top of the crest on Parke Street passing the Fire Station on your right and the rear of the Carrington Hotel on your left. At the top of the crest on the right is a long building, a sign with 'A' above the door maybe visible. This is A Block.

PEDESTRIAN ACCESS: at the crest of the hill on the right, enter through the pedestrian gate, then go left up the access ramp. Please now refer to No.3 in the instructions below Access to the Broadcast Studio.

ON SITE VEHICLE ACCESS: Go over the crest of the hill and turn right into the carpark. Radio Blue Mountains parking is on right side as you drive in. Three off street reserved parking spaces are available for studio presenters and guests. Please refer to your programme host for on site parking availability.

ACCESS FROM CARPARK: 'A' is sign posted on the first building entrance. Enter Block A and go up the stairs to the corridor then turn left. Please now refer to No.9 in the instructions below Access to the Broadcast Studio.

ON STREET PARKING: Limited 2hr parking is available on both sides of Parke Street directly outside.  


  1. Identify the pedistrian gate between Block A and Block B on Parke Street at the very crest of the hill
  2. Enter gate, go up Ramp on the left and enter Blue Doors marked AG.42
  3. Walk through cloak room and enter the Corridor through door AG.23L. Bicycles can be left in the cloak room.
  4. Walk down hallway passing on your right the Radio Blue Mountains foyer and administration offices.
  5. Note1: at the end of the hallway, look right to locate the bathrooms including a wheelchair accessible bathroom
  6. Note2: at the end of the hallway, look left to locate the shared lunchroom kitchen at very end of the hallway on the right. All presenters are issued a security FOB key for this room. Guest may also use this lunchroom. Instant hotwater is available at the sink (pull tap lever up), RBM's fridge is the large fridge in the left corner. Hopefully fresh organic milk is inside! Tea & coffee maybe found in the drawer marked RBM. All drinking cups are shared.
  7. Do a dog-leg by turning Left then right into a long corridor
  8. Walk to the end of the corridor passing their two training rooms located on the right. Note the entrance from the car park will be on your left along with more bathrooms at the top of the stairs.
  9. At the end of the corridor turn right, before the exit to the stairway is the shared waiting area and the second door on your left is 'AG.08'. Well done, you have found the broadcast studio. The door is security locked from the outside.
  10. Jump up and down and wildly wave through the glass pannels to attract the attention of the presenter. Please do this quietly as they maybe on air!