Friday, Saturday & Sunday nights on RBM

The Biig BoyZ Friday 8-10pm with Busta Chais

Biig BoyZ setting up Friday night and your weekend with a “Musical Gift from the Heavens”. From Hip Hop, Electronica and Old Skool . . . . to Reggae, Rock and Alternative.

Presented by Lil Dre, DJ Ponderous & your Mac Daddy Busta Chais. Keeping it real and sucka free every Friday night from 8-10pm. 

Drum & Bass, Saturday 6-9:30pm with Brenz

Saturday night’s alright with Brenz and the Drum & Bass Show. Brenz warms up by playing some Hip Hop, Jazz and Funk in the first hour then gets down to Drum & Bass business at around 7pm with a mix of brand new tracks & old genres like Liquid, Tech Step, Jump Up and Darkside.

Drum & Bass every Saturday night from 6pm.

The Parke Street Social, Sunday 6-9pm

The Parke Street Social is a collaboration between local DJ’s Dins & Kevlar. You will find them  funking it up at The Parke Street Social on Radio Blue Mountains 89.1FM every Sunday from 6pm.

Their weekly 3-hour shows consist of the finest funk, soul, disco and house music from around the globe. They are all about good music, and raising the vibe of our Blue Mountains community.