Here & Now! Wednesday 4-6pm with Trevor Day

Following in the formidable footsteps of “Indie in The Arvo”, in the much coveted Wednesday 4-6pm time slot, new presenter Trevor Day brings us The Hear and Now!

Trevor likes Rock, Soul and R’n’B and plays lots of contemporary Aussie music.

Trevor will also provide a quick update on local gigs, shows and events.

From zoomers to boomers there’s something for everyone, so tune in and enjoy The Hear and Now! show.

The Method Mixtapes, Saturday 4-6pm with Andrew Shaw

Saturday is always a good day to listen to RBM. You’ve got The Beatles Hour followed by The Theme Machine, Musical Tourism and now a terrific new show from Andrew Shaw “The Method Mixtapes”, in which Andrew curates a “mixtape” of music, showcasing his excellent, wideranging, musical tastes.

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

The Science Show, 4-5pm, Mondays in 2023 with Lucas Koellen

The Science Show

From January 2023, RBM listeners are in for a treat – an hour with the engaging and entertaining Lucas Koellen, who brings you a veritable treasure trove of scientific facts, features and astounding information.