Mission Statement

“To provide entertainment and information to the community and to support and interact with businesses, charities and  non-profit organisations as well as social and creative groups in the Greater Blue Mountains Region with a view to protecting and preserving our culture and environment for past and future owners.”

Community Promise

RBM89.1FM Community Radio provides a media space enabling progressive communities to voice ideas and build their power to create social change.

2021 marks 30+ years on the airwaves for RBM. This an incredible achievement, and a testament to the station supporters, and  thousands of volunteer hours by people, from diverse backgrounds and cultures, who have donated their time, skills and knowledge to the station over the decades.

Increasingly, people are recognising the pitfalls and failings of corporate-owned media platforms.  With a lack of ethics or social purpose, they simultaneously manipulate, surveil and exploit communities. Within this context, the work of community radio remains absolutely essential as we deliver a not-for-profit media model that champions communities expressing themselves. This allows communities to determine their own future.

 While history tells us that change is determined by political struggle, RBM is part of that struggle. We critique existing structures, amplify new voices and visions, and we need your help to keep going. We depend on our listeners and supporters to support the station on the air.

To that end, we also ask that you respect that the station has no particular social bias or affiliations, and that we neither support nor critique any one political party, ideology, or faction at the expense of any other.   

The station strives to be a community media platform which is available for all people of all viewpoints. RBM broadcasts to the Community equally and fairly, without bias, prejudice or discrimination.

The RBM Team.