4-6pm Tuesdays

Presented by  Axel Moline aka Mountain Drew

Positive Altitude is about playing upbeat music that hopefully broadcasts an upbeat energy along with it. Taking music from the days of disco and synth in the 1970s through to the plethora of dance and electronica today, it’s all about having a positive attitude, at altitude.  

Successfully avoiding ever learning to actually play an instrument, Axel Moline (aka Mountain Drew) did the next best thing and just mooched around with those who did. He worked at Modular Records from 2006—2010-ish, including two years in New York, which included promoting a weekly club night in China Town. He was the Dazed & Confused Culture Editor for the short-lived Australian edition of the magazine. But mostly he hung around in clubs and bars. This helped create a network of much more talented and brilliant people that Axel will lean on to help curate the show. Once he figures out all the buttons, he might also have some guests in studio too.