The Ability Show

With the NADO team

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Wednesday 10:00 12:00

Community Inclusion is a key focus of our show.

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The Ability Show with the NADO team.

Each Wednesday from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm, NADO hosts a live broadcast on RBM FM radio station 89.1. “The Ability Show” is presented by NADO staff and participants where people can turn in to listen to special interviews, disability sector news, local events and news, conversations and unpredictable music.

“The Ability Show” is hosted by NADO participants with support from NADO staff Rose, Jenny and Karyn and NADO clients like Josh Abbott, presenter of RBM show Blast from the Past. The radio program is music based, with chat and comments from studio guests. It features an emphasis on social justice, community supports, inclusion, empowerment and access providing information that may be of interest to service providers, people with disability, their family and friends. It is designed to provide a voice for people with disability through an inclusive, creative and fulfilling outlet and deliver a high-quality radio program.

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