Wednesday 8pm – 10pm

Presented by Reggie Lawless

Wednesday Night Music is presented by Reggie Lawless, who has been with RBM since August 2018.

WNM follows on from his previous show in the 8 -10 pm time slot Wednesday Night Football. WNM began on December 8th 2021. Each week, Wednesday Night Music presents a range of new wave, lo-fi, folk and blues with a focus on the host’s interesting, albeit highly dubious, belief that Track 3 on any given album is the essential track.

He says “Track 1 is often a big opener, Track 2 is often equally good quality, but not necessarily as good as Track 1, but enough to keep ‘em listening. While Track 3 is where the band stick their favourite song because this is where a listener either continues with an LP or decides they’ve had enough. Okay, it doesn’t always work out like that, but if you check out your favourite albums right now, you’ll find more often than not, that Track 3 is the song that at least typifies the whole sound of an album. Give it a go. We’ll go into this further on Wednesday Night Music”.