AffordAssist proudly sponsors Radio Blue Mountains 89.1FM, supporting the community’s aspirations for home ownership. As a dedicated housing program tailored for first-home buyers, AffordAssist is committed to making the dream of owning a home a reality. This corporate solution aligns seamlessly with government initiatives, all with a singular focus: increasing first-home ownership in Australia.

Enabling Home Ownership

AffordAssist introduces an innovative approach to home ownership with its 1% Deposit Home Loan. Tailored to meet the unique needs of first-home buyers, this program assists in overcoming the hurdle of a substantial upfront deposit. With AffordAssist, aspiring homeowners can secure a loan by making an initial part-deposit and deferring the balance without incurring interest.

Reducing Mortgage Stress

The AffordAssist Deferred Deposit not only empowers first-home buyers to enter the property market with minimal upfront costs but also significantly reduces mortgage stress. By lowering the loan amount, this program not only helps save thousands on interest payments but also ensures a more manageable and sustainable homeownership journey.

AffordAssist is dedicated to making the path to home ownership more accessible, offering a practical and innovative solution for first-home buyers. As a sponsor of Radio Blue Mountains 89.1FM, we are excited to support initiatives that connect with the community and contribute to the realization of homeownership dreams.