Blue Mountains City Council is proud to be a key sponsor of Radio Blue Mountains 89.1FM, a vibrant community radio station that resonates with the diverse and picturesque surroundings of the Blue Mountains region. Nestled in the heart of New South Wales, Australia, the City of Blue Mountains is a unique local government area, and the Blue Mountains City Council serves as the driving force behind the community’s progress and well-being.

Situated in the breathtaking Blue Mountains range, just west of Sydney, our city is renowned for its stunning natural landscapes, cultural richness, and thriving community spirit. As a steadfast supporter of Radio Blue Mountains 89.1FM, Blue Mountains City Council actively contributes to the station’s mission of fostering local talent, promoting community engagement, and enhancing the overall cultural fabric of our region.

Led by Mayor Mark Greenhill, a dedicated member of the Labor Party, Blue Mountains City Council is committed to facilitating a vibrant and inclusive community. Through our sponsorship of Radio Blue Mountains 89.1FM, we aim to amplify the voices of our residents, artists, and organizations, creating a platform for dialogue and connection that resonates across the airwaves.

Our collaboration with Radio Blue Mountains 89.1FM underscores our shared commitment to promoting arts, culture, and community initiatives that make the Blue Mountains a truly special place to live, work, and visit. By supporting this dynamic community radio station, Blue Mountains City Council reaffirms its dedication to fostering creativity, celebrating diversity, and building strong connections that transcend the boundaries of our unique and picturesque region.

Together with Radio Blue Mountains 89.1FM, Blue Mountains City Council looks forward to continuing this enriching partnership, amplifying the unique stories and voices that define our community, and ensuring that the Blue Mountains remains a beacon of inspiration and harmony for all.