Training | PART 1 | The Basics

MODULE 01 How to use the Select, Mute and Solo buttons

In this module we will have a video of Lyle going through the various options on the X32 Console

Mute, Solo, and Select Buttons on the Behringer X32 Compact Audio Mixing Console for Community Radio Broadcasting

The Mute Button

The Mute button on the Behringer X32 Compact Audio Mixing Console is a crucial control used in community radio broadcasting to instantly silence a specific channel. When activated, it prevents any audio signal from that channel from being sent to the main mix, auxiliary sends, and other outputs. This is particularly useful for quickly removing unwanted noise, background sounds, or temporarily silencing a source without altering the fader position or other settings. For instance, if a guest’s microphone needs to be silenced while off-air, the Mute button ensures their audio feed is immediately cut off without disrupting the overall mix.

The Solo Button

The Solo button allows the operator to isolate and listen to a specific channel independently of the rest of the mix. In a busy community radio broadcasting environment, this feature is invaluable for checking the sound quality and levels of individual sources such as microphones, music tracks, or phone calls without affecting the on-air output. Activating the Solo button routes the chosen channel directly to the control room monitors or headphones, providing a clear and focused audio preview that helps in fine-tuning and troubleshooting.

The Select Button

The Select button is used to choose a specific channel for detailed control and adjustment. When pressed, it highlights the selected channel, enabling the operator to access and modify its parameters using the console’s control surface. This includes adjusting EQ, dynamics, effects, and other settings tailored to that particular channel. In community radio broadcasting, the Select button streamlines the workflow, allowing quick access to and management of different audio sources, ensuring each segment of the broadcast sounds its best. Better not to touch this button unless you know what you are doing.

These buttons collectively enhance the flexibility and efficiency of the mixing process, enabling smooth and professional-sounding broadcasts.

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YouTube resorces

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