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Radio Blue Mountains 89.1 is a not-for-profit, all volunteer community radio station serving the Blue Mountains since 1993. The station broadcasts 24 hours a day from its studio in Katoomba, to a potential audience of some 75,000 people across the Blue Mountains and to a much wider national and international audience through internet streaming.

Radio Blue Mountains is a member of the CBAA Community Radio Network, a national network that provides a wide range of programming when local presenters are unavailable. The station is funded through listener support, grants and limited commercial sponsorship and is run on behalf of the members by a dedicated management committee.

Gareth Wilding-Forbes

Radio Blue Mountains 89.1 is saddened to hear of the death of our popular former daytime presenter Gareth Wilding – Forbes.

Gareth hosted My Choice on RBM for many years on Tuesday afternoons, with a humourous and entertaining style coupled with a wonderful sense of theatre, making the simplest of tasks such as announcing the weather or traffic delays seem as if they were written by Shakespeare himself.

Gareth spent his whole life either in, or connected to, the Arts. He came from a theatrical family, his mother and father were well known actors in London in both theatre and film and as a child Gareth performed in BBC radio plays.

In his early teens, Gareth migrated to Australia with his mother and appeared in most of the popular television series shown in Australia in the nineteen sixties before moving back to England with his actress wife, Patricia McGrath where he appeared in a number of West End productions as well as working as an occasional presenter for the BBC Pebble Mill at One program and Arts Reviewer with London Broadcasting.

Over the years Gareth has appeared in popular UK and Australian television shows such as Coronation Street, Z Cars, Doctor at Large, Cop Shop (Aus), Neighbours (Aus) and Halifax FP (Aus) as well as being a regular presenter and contributor with radio stations 3AW, 3UZ, 3AK and 2WL.

Gareth moved to the Blue Mountains at the end of 2010 to live near his daughters.

In 2013 he published the books Essence of Time, followed shortly thereafter by The Nature of Love.

Vale Gareth Wilding-Forbes.

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