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Radio Blue Mountains 89.1 is a not-for-profit, all volunteer community radio station serving the Blue Mountains since 1993. The station broadcasts 24 hours a day from its studio in Katoomba, to a potential audience of some 75,000 people across the Blue Mountains and to a much wider national and international audience through internet streaming.

Radio Blue Mountains is a member of the CBAA Community Radio Network, a national network that provides a wide range of programming when local presenters are unavailable. The station is funded through listener support, grants and limited commercial sponsorship and is run on behalf of the members by a dedicated management committee.

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Meet The Crew – Peter Walker

Peter Walker has led a fascinating life and we are delighted that he has taken the time to speak to us for our Meet The RBM Crew page. Click here to go to his and other RBM presenters interview’s.

Blue Mountains Live Podcast Special for the Winter Magic Indoors Celebrations.


Better late than never here is the podcast from Thursday (20th June) night’s program with interviews with Winter magic performers and organisers Peter G Long, Gillian Tayloir Reynolds, Emily Cooper and Monika Rodziewicz. Also we have our Regular BM THeatre update from Kell Mar. The Professoe is kept busy here on Radio Blue Mountains 89.1FM streaming on rbm.org.au or youyr favourite streaming app, converted lovingly to podcast non Spotify’s casting network. Yippee!


Radio Blue Mountains Brings Leura Harvest Festival to Listeners.

Article and pictures by The Professor.
Date: May 4th, 2024

Radio Blue Mountains transported listeners straight to the heart of Leura Mall with an exciting Outside Broadcast at the Leura Harvest Festival on May the Fourth. Led by Tony Eades, Time Tunnel presenter and OB Team leader, the radio crew spent the day capturing the essence of the festival through music and interviews.

Listeners were treated to a diverse mix of lthe stations diverse range of musical genres, reflecting the cultural richness of the stations cultural mix and of the Blue Mountains region. From folk melodies to upbeat rhythms, and Global styles the musical repertoire added vibrancy to the OB.

Interviews with market organizers, stall holders, and local businesses provided insights into the vision behind the festival and the passion driving its participants. Radio Blue Mountains served as a virtual guide, inviting audiences to experience the sights, sounds, and flavors of the Leura Harvest Festival from afar.

The success of the OB underscored Radio Blue Mountains’ commitment to community engagement and storytelling. By bringing the festival to life on the airwaves, the radio station celebrated the spirit of Leura Mall and showcased the power of local culture.

As the day came to a close, Radio Blue Mountains continued to resonate with the essence of community and creativity, reinforcing its role as a cherished voice in the Blue Mountains region.

A taste of the day at the fair …

New Program |  I & I dub wise

Time: Mondays 8pm with your Selekta  Slingshot

I & I Dub Wise: Settle into an authentic mix of Rasta inspired-sounds that explore the musical history & culture of Jamaica…then fuse into all things dub…and dub-wise!

I and I dub wise is on Telegram

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