To Present A Show On RBM You Must Be A Member

Have you got a good speaking voice and a way with words? When you talk does what you have to say command attention in a room?

Or have you ever thought your extensive LP and CD collection deserves a wider audience than just you and the tiresome cat?

Are you asked to turn it down, rather than up, too many times?

Maybe you’ve got ideas about local politics in the Blue Mountains, the environment, permaculture, community events and other topics that are close to your heart and you feel you’d like to share them with a wider audience through RBM?

If you’ve answered yes to some or any of these questions, then we’d like to hear from you. Fill in the Membership Application form (bottom of this page) and tell us about yourself and your ideas for a new show on RBM 89.1FM.

It’s a good idea to listen to the station for a while and check out our Program Guide to understand what sort of shows we already regularly present. Look for an available time slot in our program guide or be patient and wait for a suitable time slot to become available.

Signing up as a member of RBM 89.1FM offers you the chance to get involved in your local community radio station not only as a presenter, there are also opportunities to get involved behind the scenes helping with the recording of promos, volunteering at Outside Broadcasts, volunteering at our fundraising sausage sizzles at Bunnings in Katoomba and after 12 months at the station you can apply for Committee Membership (no fee) and begin to take a fuller role behind the scenes.

Previous Experience

At RBM89.1FM we welcome everyone regardless of their experience. We currently have 45 to 50 members at RBM who come from a wide background of experiences and knowledge and are keen to skill share and see you grow.

Previous experience will give you an advantage from the start when you begin to broadcast a show. You’ll probably be a little less nervous about talking On Air, but having no previous experience in radio presentation is definitely not a barrier to you becoming a presenter with us.

We’ll train you, we’re patient, and you can be almost certain that any mistake you might make On Air has been made by all of us many times previously! In fact, that in a way, is the beauty of local community radio. It’s not polished, it’s not perfect, but it comes from the heart.

How do I Become a Member?

There is an annual membership fee of $50 which is billed in March each year. If you join after March you will still need to pay the $50 membership fee for that calendar year.

There is then a monthly access fee of $43 ($35 for registered Centrelink Customers)

There are also rates for Businesses, Organisations, NFP’s, families and for people who just want to donate and support their local community radio station. Contact Us for further details.

Please return this form by email attachment to [email protected] or by Australia Post to

RBM 89.1FM Office, TAFE building, 25-27A Parke St, Katoomba, NSW, 2780

Alternatively, deliver by hand. Office is manned Monday and Tuesday. If office is unmanned you can slide the form under the office door.  We’ll see it don’t worry!