There are so many interesting people involved at Radio Blue Mountains both behind the mic and behind the scenes, that we thought we’d share their stories here on the RBM website.


Q: Hi Brendan, thanks for taking time out to speak with us!

A: My pleasure

Q: What should we call you? Brendan? Bren? DJ Brenz?

A: Brenz 😁

Q: Okay Brenz it is. You present Drum & Bass on a Saturday night on RBM and have a huge following. There’s always people messaging you and the station, asking for particular tracks. It was like you joined the station and brought a crew with you! Just what is your DJ or Drum & Bass background?

A: Got into it back in 1995 when I heard Goldie play a set on BBC radio one when I was in England. People contact me on the show through a WhatsApp group I mention on air.

Q: So from that moment, hearing Goldie on BBC radio, DJ-ing and Drum & Bass was meant to be?

A: Absolutely yes

Q: Do you DJ at gigs around the mountains or in Sydney?

A: At the moment it’s just RBM but who knows what the future will hold?!

Q: How did you come to the attention of Dins and Kevlar on Parke Street Social? Is it right to say that they were influential in getting you On Air at RBM?

A: Yeah, met them at the station and went to a gig at the station bar, and now Dins & I do collaborations from time to time on my show

Q: Who or what was the biggest influence on your career as a DJ so far?

A: Goldie (owner of the metalheadz label, artist, DJ & actor) I’ve met him too & he signed some of my cds

Q: What is it about DJ-ing that appeals to you so much. Is it the art form of scratching and mixing (I sound like such a grandad) or is it something else?

A: Bringing d&b to everyone who digs it every Saturday. I don’t generally use vinyl, I tend to use my USB drive (way easier)

Q: What other Dj’s do you look up to, or aspire to?

A: Carl Cox, Dom & Roland, Teebee, Technical Itch, Source Direct, Pete Tong… Dins & Kevlar lol

Q: Nothing beats a dance music gig, where everyone is there for a good time and to get down to the beat. What was your first gig ever, what’s the best gig you’ve been at, and what would be your ultimate gig?

A: 1. A rave in Newcastle (England) 1995 2. Goldie @ the marquee 2005 and 3. Me @ the blue note in London haha..

Q: Nice. Okay, moving on to you and your background – when did you arrive in Australia and when did you move up to the Blue Mountains? In fact, what was it that brought you to Australia?

A: December 1985 from Bristol in the UK, moved to the mountains 2016, mum did, I was 6 haha

Q: So have you still got family back in Bristol?

A: not anymore everyone is here or passed away..

Q: That must have been quite a cultural shock moving from Bristol to Sydney at 6 years of age. Must have made you and interesting character at your new school though!

A: Culture shock yes, character yes, the teachers nicknamed me black adder

Q: After the Rowan Atkinson character?

A: Yes, as I still had an English accent and it was the most popular British TV comedy at the time.

Q: It was a brilliant show and a great character to be nicknamed after. Moving on to the medium of radio, what are the major differences you’ve noticed between community radio and commercial radio?

A: Commercial radio here gives me a headache.. too many ads .. i only listen to RBM or ABC 702 .. (daily) I’m rusted on..

Q: What’s your favourite pastime outside of RBM?

A: Bushwalking & collecting things from eBay I don’t need.

Okay some rapid fire questions now, Brenz.

Favourite DJ? Goldie

Favourite Band? Dimmu Borgir (from Norway)

Favourite Song? Dave Brubeck Quartet Take 5

Favourite Music era? 90s

Favourite Club? n/a

Favourite sport? Football

Favourite team? The Arsenal ✊

Are Arsenal going to win the Premier League this year? Hopefully yes

Messi or Ronaldo? Thierry Henry 🤣

Favourite food? Mexican

Favourite Drink? Guinness

Favourite holiday destination? Mars

And finally Brendan, complete this sentence: “If I won a million bucks tomorrow I would . . . . . probably have a heart attack”

Don’t do that!

Thanks very much for your entertaining answers Brenz.