Wednesday 9am – 10am

Presented by Susanne Rix

The show features gardeners from the mountains sharing their secrets on how they are working with the often challenging climatic conditions, varying soils and different aspects to build healthy, attractive abundant gardens in the Blue Mountains. These locals and other experts will discuss how they are creating healthy soils, contributing to food sovereignty, supporting local economies and building resilience and well-being in communities.

Susanne Rix founded the Edible Garden Trail in 2017. It featured over 40 gardens and attracted 500+ visitors from all over NSW. It has grown from the early beginnings to include 10 schools and 4 community gardens in the 2020 trail in the Blue Mountains as well as almost 50 private gardens throughout the mountains. In addition, the trail has begun to spread around NSW and beyond, with an expansive Sydney trail as well as South Coast and Victoria trails happening in 2020. The trail raises money for participating school and community gardens. “Protecting the planet one edible garden at a time” For more information about the trail in the Blue Mountains, check the website: or facebook page: Edible Garden Trail Blue Mountains

I hope you find this program entertaining as well as informative, especially when the guests share the gems they have developed in response to their own gardening experiences.

If you would like to join me on the program or add your thoughts and suggestions for the program, email me (Susanne Rix) on [email protected]